Fast Charge Lithium ion Battery Tech Discussion

- Jun 16, 2018-

Fast Charge Lithium ion Battery Tech Discussion

when Tesla super charge come to consumer's eye sight, half hour can charge 80% power tank. while the other cars takes 2-3hours. In this case, we can roughly define it that electric vehicles, fast charging is a system that car can be full charged at hour or so.

slow charge, is generally takes 6hours or so to make e-car battery tank full. 

Fast charging is demanding quite much higher level of the quality of the battery.  During fast charging, and the reaction conditions of battery are too severe and draconian, sobattery will be far away from the equilibrium state, and the life of the battery will be lost greatly, the safety factor will decrease obviously. but slow charge can be a good way to avoid these problems. so do not charge battery in fast way if not necessory.

In fact, simiply speaking, the impact of fast charge is basically the same as cell phone battery, but the difference is that the mobile phone such as consumer electronics quickly eliminated, a cell phone battery is worth only ten to dozens of dollars, so if battery damaged, it's no big loss to you. but for a car, the battery in a car is often worth thousands of dollars, if car battery damaged, it's dangerouse and devalued, on the other hand, it's bad to navigation. so the battery of the electric car should be used seriously because it is completely. so car battery fast charging is not same level with the cell phone battery fast charging.