G20 - build credibility to ensure lithium battery industry rocket in a healthy way

- Sep 04, 2016-

Since 2014, double the promotion of new energy vehicles in China policy and market appeared under rapid growth, 1-11 months China new energy vehicle sales exceeded 56 thousand and 700, an increase of 5 times, the power battery ushered in the history of development opportunities. At the same time, the lithium industry and merger ensued, China lithium battery industry began to enter a period of consolidation. How in the industrial integration tide, seize the opportunity for development of power battery, lithium battery has become the enterprise concerned topic. Meanwhile, Shenzhen SNOLI electronic co.,ltd,  a professional group for litium ion battery pack , especially cylindrical Li-ion battery , Li-ion polymer battery pack and LiFePO4 battery. Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , is also trying their best to offer best quality lithium batteries to fullfill the empty space of qualified power batteries to intelligent power industry. we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc. Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.


In January 8, 2015, sponsored by the lithium battery engineering second G20- lithium battery summit first CEO meeting held in Shenzhen Mission Hills Dongguan club. More than and 20 summit members business leaders around the integration, interconnection and open the theme of the in-depth discussion.            


According to the Institute of industrial engineering lithium (GBII) statistics show that in 2014 shipments Chinese lithium battery four core materials have different degrees of growth. And the formation of the growth of lithium battery material is corresponding to the increase of power battery is more obvious, the growth of vehicle power battery even more than 200%. SNL company also offers 2s lithium battery including: 7.4v lithium ion battery, 7.4v 2200mah li-ion battery, 7.4v 2200mah battery, lithium ion battery 7.4 v 2200mah, 7.4 volt lithium ion battery,  7.4v li-ion battery pack and so on.


At the same time, the power battery market concentration to further enhance the rate of rise by Dachang capacity, part of the power battery production capacity problems, began to expand production capacity. The polarization phenomenon in the field of power battery manufacturers began to intensify, capacity is tight, small factory capacity utilization rate is lower. On the whole, the current industry is facing reshuffle integration, the strong constant strong into the general trend.                       


It is worth noting that the outbreak of the power battery to allow enterprises to taste the sweetness, but also began to let the lithium battery industry began to worry about security issues will become the biggest risk affecting the industry continues to move forward. SNL makes 3s battery packincluding 3s battery18650 batteri18650 batterie4ah battery 12v 4ah 12v battery12v battery 4ah12v 5 ah batterybattery 12v 5ah12v 5ah rechargeable battery12v battery 5ah12v 7ah batteryrechargeable battery 12v 7ah12v 12ah battery18650 rechargeable battery18650 battery rechargeablebatteries 18650 rechargeable12v battery capacity,23a 12v battery12v 23a battery and so on.


G20- lithium lithium battery industry summit roadmap previously developed based on member enterprise leaders agreed that the industry is in a period of rapid change, whether it is technology, product, market or terminal market demand are seeking a breakthrough and innovation, whether it is material, the electric core or downstream of the BMS, the safety of the vehicle factory the lithium battery to a more prominent position.                       


In the face of the upcoming electric car tide, lithium batteries and related enterprises as an independent individual is faced with capital, technology, supply chain docking and other problems in the market competition, enterprises need to try new business models. G20- lithium battery summit, is to build an interactive communication platform of high-end, member enterprises covering industries downstream, between enterprises play the effect of supply chain collaboration mutual exchange of needed products, set an example, regulate market order. if you need 4s battery, SNL offers 14.4v, 14.4v battery, 14.8v battery,14.4v Lithium battery,14.4v battery pack,14.8v li ion battery pack oem welcome.


Members of the enterprise leaders after discussion, agreed that the lithium battery enterprises need to integrate resources, collaboration and win-win new pattern of opening up the capital formation, and reached a preliminary consensus on the following pattern.



As China lithium battery industry segments have the most representative enterprise cooperation platform established third party summit, G20- lithium battery hopes to take this opportunity to help the new mode of integration, through the Internet, open "lithium battery industry China took off, and by the integrity of red blacklist and high rating industry promote Chinese lithium battery industry really took to the road of healthy development on.