German 3D-Micromac to REC supply PERC photovoltaic cell laser system

- Jan 16, 2017-

In December 12, 2016, 3D-Micromac Germany is a solar photovoltaic market with laser micromachining and roll laser system provider, announced its already received orders from microCELL OTF laser system leading European solar panel brand REC group.          

The system is expected to be installed in the REC group's photovoltaic production facility in Singapore to support the expansion of REC's high efficiency passive contact (PERC) solar cell production, and support the development of the next generation PERC solar cells.          

Compared with standard solar cells, PERC solar cells can provide a higher level of energy efficiency and production potential. The key step in the manufacturing process of PERC solar cells is the laser contact opening (LCO), which is applied to the back surface of the silicon wafer, allowing the solar cells to absorb more light.          

3D-Micromac uses its microCELL OTF laser system to solve this critical step, which is the solution of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cells. The company pointed out that through real-time laser processing and excellent normal operating time (up to 97%), microCELL OTF can produce up to 4000 wafers per hour, no laser damage to the underlying silicon laser.          

Non contact wafer processing enables the processing to be achieved without the presence of surface defects and micro cracks. solar batteries like:

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