GLM has aimed at the Chinese market

- Dec 16, 2016-

The electric car industry is recognized as the next outlet, the world's major automobile manufacturers have been eager for a fight.

Our position is not a simple car manufacturers, but to other manufacturers to provide high value-added, intermediate manufacturing technology platform suppliers." Japanese electric vehicle manufacturer GLM (Green Lord Motors) chief financial officer Sota (weed Nagano) in an interview with reporters, said.

Known as the Japanese Tesla, GLM output their own technology to develop electric vehicle power system, chassis and vehicle control system, and tailored according to customer needs.

Nagano grass too frankly, the electric car industry is very hot, the current electric car sales accounted for only about 3% of the entire car market share, it is too early to say who the future winner of the electric car industry, but not every enterprise can spend billions of dollars for the early research and development."

GLM was founded in Kyoto in 2010, former SONY CEO Dei Nobuyuki (Nobuyuki Idei) funded establishment. At present, GLM provides two ultra luxury electric car, resembling Porsche coupe GLM ZZ in Japan in August 2014 on sale, priced at about $80 thousand.

Recently, the company has just launched with Gullwing GLM G4, priced at $200 thousand - $300 thousand. GLM - G4 chassis with composite material, make the body lighter and stable. The model can be less than 3.7 seconds from the speed of up to 100 km per hour, cruising speed of up to 250 km / h, while the mileage of more than 248 miles.

"By making these luxurious high-performance electric cars, we can continue to break the technical barriers, so as to future application in the mass production of a large number of electric cars on the medium price basis." Nagano Kusata said.

Targeting the Chinese market

With the Chinese government introduced a number of supporting measures, such as financial subsidies, tax exemptions and encourage the construction of charging facilities, China's auto industry booming. GLM optimistic about the prospects of China's electric vehicle industry, and plans to establish studios and R & D centers in China to meet the needs of greater china.

Nagano grass too revealed that at present GLM and several Chinese top ten car manufacturers have contact, "but our ideal partner is some medium-sized enterprises, we can provide various services, engineering and technology at the same time, there are also some software, IT also expressed interest in cooperation, they tend to software, online shopping, etc.."

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