Graphene based lithium battery was hit in the face, thousands of articles, the lack of substantive progress

- Jan 03, 2017-

According to statistics, from the end of 2015, the first paper published in late July 2008, nearly 1600 published papers are related to graphene as a lithium ion battery electrode materials. Although a large amount of research data has been collected, substantial progress in the field seems to be missing.          

Recently, the field of material "Advanced Materials" journal published a review article, entitled "Critical Insight into the RelentlessProgression Toward Graphene and Graphene-Containing Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes", corresponding author: Wei Di, Cambridge NOKIA Research Center (Nokia Technologies); Prof. Stefano Passerini, Helmholtz (Helmholtz Institute Ulm Germany (HIU)).          

In this article, the authors face the core problems in this field, analyzes the reasons of hindering progress, summarizes several key indicators, including: the first cycle irreversible capacity, quality and volumetric capacity, voltage, lithium deintercalation rate performance, cycle stability.          

So far, graphene does not lead to lithium ion battery technology revolution". Although the related research that has made important progress, but its application is usually not clear goals, make graphene only stay in the field of academic research; the present study is often used to be inopportune or inappropriate evaluation standard, fair and other materials when comparing the index. The study is usually concerned with the mass specific capacity. However, the porous and low density of graphene leads to low volume specific capacity, which is more important in practical applications. Literature usually attributed to the effect of graphene increased conductivity, however, the porous structure of graphene for lithium ion conduction, very little concern on this issue, many literatures in the control group in the experiment has never considered this problem.          

For the study of new materials, the half cell test is usually used. However, the energy density and power density of the single electrode are practically meaningless and misleading. Charging and discharging voltage and coulomb efficiency are more important indicators in the half cell system. The results of the whole battery test on the material can get more fair and reliable evaluation results. However, in the calculation of the energy and power of the whole battery, one of the two electrodes is usually calculated. In addition, due to the porous structure of graphene, it is necessary to add more electrolyte to fully soak, but no one considered the effect of electrolyte concentration on the energy density. Preparation methods of graphene. It is believed that the graphene prepared by liquid phase stripping and CVD method is better than RGO, but the latter is usually studied. In addition, the author pays more attention to the strategy to improve the stability and increase the capacity of lithium ion battery.          

Graphene is a kind of active material, graphene is superior to commercial graphite anode in several specific aspects (low temperature performance, high power output, etc.). It is important to note that graphene used in this area is a multilayer graphene; monolayer and bilayer graphene cannot be used as a cathode active material for lithium ion batteries The disadvantage of graphene as a negative electrode for lithium ion batteries is its high potential, low energy storage efficiency and a large number of irreversible capacity in the formation of SEI film. Therefore, graphene as a negative electrode must be pre - treatment, which increases the difficulty of battery manufacturing.

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