Graphene doorbell battery 12v 48v 10ah 60ah for electric bike wireless doorbell ect

- Feb 23, 2017-

Graphene has been found to be one of the most thin, powerful, conductive and thermally conductive materials. In the post industrial era to the information age, China is transforming from a powerful country to a manufacturing power. In this process, we are in the same line with the international advanced technology and large enterprises in many fields. Graphene is a typical case, was discovered in 2004, just 6 years later, in 2010 won the Nobel prize, very fast.          

From the technical point of view, the direction of development of graphene closer to the industry, industry, enterprises. This is to industry application, based on the characteristics of graphene materials were modified, the change characteristics of common materials, such as air purifiers, batteries and other heat nowadays higher products by adding graphene to improve performance.          

The use of lithium batteries, mainly in four ways:          

First, it is used on the negative, but it does not make sense, because now restricting the development of lithium batteries are positive.          

The two is the most simple method, conductive additives as the anode, because all lithium batteries will be added with the original conductive additives, conductive carbon black, now with graphene to replace carbon black, this is not what the difficulty is relatively low.          

The three is coated directly on the surface of lithium battery cathode, because lithium cathode materials are metal oxide, a long time will be oxidized, the conductivity decreases, the graphene coverage will solve this problem, improve the micro conductivity.          

The four is in the process of forming the positive crystal, let the crystal growth in graphene, which is the best form, can increase the strength of cathode materials and make graphene become positive bones, enhancing the overall life of lithium batteries.

Graphene will be added into batteries in near futuer, but it still need time to test so far, we wait for a quick time for a vertical application in industry from up to down, like battery for doorbell button,battery for doorbell,battery for wireless doorbell,60ah battery,60ah lithium battery,48v 17ah li ion battery