graphene has great potential applications

- Jun 06, 2017-

Graphene has excellent overall properties, but its band gap is single and its conductivity is close to the conductor. Even though materials such as bilayer graphene have been prepared for improvement, the problem has not yet been fundamentally solved. This problem limits the application of graphene in LED and other wide bandgap semiconductor devices. However, through the ordered stacking of graphene and other two-dimensional materials, the Fan Dehua heterostructure constructed with extremely small thickness and discontinuity in material itself has very high switching ratio. This will greatly improve the performance of the diode or triode, while greatly reducing the volume of components.

At present, "beyond graphene" two-dimensional nanomaterials are developing at a rapid rate, they can be modified by a variety of physical and chemical methods, can be obtained with graphene or similar or different performance. These modified materials have high specific surface area, excellent optical and electrical properties and versatile properties, and have great potential applications.