High Quality Lithium-ion Batteries Production

- Dec 02, 2018-

As we all know, lithium-ion batteries are the new air outlet of the industry at present. They have many advantages, such as light weight, small size, long life, etc. However, the strict requirements for production and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries also restrict their development. Although the technology and production process of lithium-ion batteries have been quite mature, but due to some lithium-ion battery battery battery battery battery enterprises. The neglect of dust removal, dehumidification and purification in the production environment leads to fatal defects in the quality of lithium-ion battery products.

Dust, moisture and metal particles are natural enemies of lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing. In the production process of lithium-ion batteries, excessive moisture entering into lithium-ion batteries will have a serious impact on the performance of lithium-ion batteries, and may even cause explosion. Therefore, the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries requires strict "avoidance" of moisture and dust in the air, and effective control of the production environment of lithium-ion batteries. It plays an important role in improving the quality of lithium ion batteries.

With many investment and expansion projects of lithium-ion batteries being widely developed in China, and the requirement of safety and consistency of batteries products being constantly improved, the requirements of dust removal, dehumidification and purification in the production workshop of batteries enterprises are becoming higher and higher.

SINOLI lithium-ion battery production workshop adopts fully enclosed dust-free workshop, which can strictly control the temperature, humidity and dust of the environment during the production process, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the product. Every production line has at least quality inspectors for tracking and testing, and in accordance with strict quality management process professional control, to ensure the quality of batteries, to provide customers with safe and reliable products.

SINOLI will spare no effort to make good products, so that more consumers can have a safer and better riding experience!