How does a rechargeable battery achieve its energy conversion?

- Aug 13, 2018-

How does a rechargeable battery achieve its energy conversion?

Each battery has an electrochemical conversion capability, in which stored chemical energy is converted directly into electricity. In the case of secondary electrons (also called batteries) (another term is rechargeable portable batteries), in the discharge process, chemical energy is converted into electricity; In the process of charging, electrical energy is converted back into chemical energy. This process can be charged and discharged more than 500 times according to the electrochemical system, while our company's product li-ion can be charged and discharged more than 1000 times repeatedly. Li-ion is a new type of rechargeable portable battery. Its rated voltage is 3.6v, and its discharge voltage will gradually decline with the discharge depth, unlike that of other rechargeable batteries, when the voltage is suddenly reduced.

Key components of a lithium ion battery:

(1) upper and lower battery cover

(2) positive electrode -- the active material is lithium cobalt oxide

(3) diaphragm -- a special composite membrane

(4) negative pole -- the active substance is carbon

(5) organic electrolyte

(6) battery case (divided into steel case and aluminum case)

after understand lithium ion battery construction and how it changes from chemistry energy to elecgtrical power, so you may ask Why is the constant voltage charging current gradually decreasing?

Answer: When the constant current process terminates, the electrochemical polarization in the battery remains at the same level throughout the constant current. Under the action of constant voltage process and constant electric field, the concentration polarization of Li+ in the battery is gradually eliminated, and the migration number and speed of ions are gradually reduced.

for lithium ion battery initial man, you shall still have many quesiton with nomination like what is lithium ion battery capacity, what is lithium ion battery resistance, how does lithium ion battery charged and discharged and how to calculate ampers and voltages etc.

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