how does small 12v rechargeable battery work

- Mar 24, 2017-

Charging pile is equivalent to the gas station refueling machine.          

At present, most of the electric vehicles on the market are lithium ion batteries, the battery has two poles: the cathode is a lithium compound, the negative electrode for graphite.          

When charging, a lithium ion battery anode (Li+) generation, lithium ion generation (Li+) through the electrolyte from the anode to cathode and anode movement, the graphite is a layered structure with micropores, reach the lithium ion anode (Li+) embedded into the microporous carbon layer, intercalation of lithium ions (Li+) more, the higher the charge capacity; discharge (in the process that we use the battery), lithium ions in the cathode layer of carbon (Li+) release and movement back to the cathode, back to the cathode of lithium ion battery (Li+) more and more high discharge capacity. We usually refer to the battery capacity refers to the discharge capacity. Therefore, under ideal conditions, the charge and discharge process of lithium battery, the lithium ion (Li+) from the cathode, anode and cathode movement, as long as the chemical structure of the anode and cathode materials does not change, reversible battery charging and discharging well, lithium ion battery (Li+) can ensure long time cycle.          

Fast charging is mainly to ensure that the lithium ion (Li+) is quickly inserted from the anode and quickly embedded in the anode, can not cause the deposition of lithium ion (Li+). But in the current increases, the negative electrode (graphite) on the surface of a semipermeable membrane (SEI membrane) will have a certain degree of rupture, the electrode material and the electrolyte interactions. In addition, the temperature rise will be accompanied by a number of side reactions, such as electrolyte decomposition, the resulting sediment on the electrode, resulting in reduced reversibility, the battery capacity will be gradually reduced.

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