How to Judge Good Quality Car Battery e.g. 48v?

- Nov 24, 2018-

How to Judge Good Quality Car Battery e.g. 48v?


2018 Golden Ball Award, gives a power electrolyet. Such power electrolyte product index is higher than the industry standard, graphite system cycle life at room temperature can reach more than 5000 times, high temperature 45 degree cycle can reach 2000 times, excellent safety performance, high cost performance, has been widely used in pure electric buses, pure electric medium buses and passenger cars.

comments: more safety car battery electrolyte will be used in our daily lives would be worthy of anticipation. high quality cell would be probably make high quality car batteries, for example, 48v car batteries, electrolyte is important, which plays an important role in transfer li ions in high speed and make sure it's safe.

Anode Material:

The specific energy density of lithium-rich manganese-based battery cathode material is as high as 1380Wh/kg.

Professor Xia Dingguo of Peking University has developed a new type of high specific energy manganese-based cathode material, which breaks through the limitations of traditional modification methods such as doping, coating and nano-morphology. An oxygen-rich Li-MnO-based cathode material for power batteries has been prepared by compounding LiMO2 phase and single layer Li2MnO-3 phase.

comments: to increase lithium ion battery power, the most important of all is to increase anode material ability to content much more power within limited tank. Thus, 48v car will give navigate much longer time.