How to Maintenance your Car Battery?

- Feb 24, 2018-

How to Maintenance your Car Battery?

nowadays there are mainly two kind of lithium ion batteries used in car. let's have a look at them.



    temperature different requirement.

    1) lifepo4 battery have a typical requirement on temperature for charging, 0-55℃. that is, when temperature below 0℃, then it's hard to charge any power in lifepo4 batteries. for example, during winter when enrionment temperature drops to 0℃ below, you'd better place the car at indoor parking lot. while in summer times, when temperature above 40℃, you should better place in shadow and cooling place for charging purpose. otherwise, battey capacity will have great infulence thereto.

    2) lifepo4 battery high temperature performance is much better than li-ion NCM batteries. but if always charge at 55℃-60℃ high temperature, without doubt, it will damage the lifepo4 batteries of course.

    3) while NCM li-ion battery, can be charged from -20℃ to 45℃.

  3. any types of batteris, should not make a heavy feet on the acceleration pedal, especially when battery power is weak. 

  4. and make sure to charge the battery before alert gives a warning. 

  5. if it's possible, make a battery balance every month.