HUAWEI graphene based high-temperature lithium ion battery made a major breakthrough

- Dec 30, 2016-

In December 1st, HUAWEI Central Research Laboratories announced a major breakthrough in the field of lithium ion batteries, the introduction of the industry's first high temperature and long life graphene based lithium ion batteries. The experimental results show that the new type of high temperature resistant technology based on graphene can increase the temperature of the upper limit of the lithium ion battery by 10 DEG C, and the service life is about 2 times that of the common lithium ion battery.          

HUAWEI Watt laboratory chief scientist Dr. Li Yangxing pointed out that graphene based high temperature lithium ion battery technology breakthrough mainly from three aspects: adding special additives in the electrolyte, removal of trace water, avoid high temperature decomposition of electrolyte; selection of single crystal three yuan battery cathode material modification, improve the thermal stability of materials; at the same time, using new materials graphene can realize efficient cooling of lithium ion batteries and the environment between.          

According to reports, charge discharge test under high temperature environment show that the same parameters, the graphene based high temperature lithium ion battery temperature than ordinary lithium ion battery is reduced by 5 DEG C; high temperature 60 degrees C for 2000 cycles. The capacity retention rate is still more than 70%; 60 degrees high temperature storage for 200 days, the capacity loss is less than 13%.          

The results of this research will bring innovation to the energy storage of communication base station. In the hot area of the use of the lithium-ion battery plug-in base station operating life of up to 4 years. Graphene based lithium-ion batteries will also help electric vehicles in the high temperature environment endurance life, as well as the safe flight of unmanned aerial vehicles under high temperature heating.

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