Infusion Pump 14.4v 2600mah 18650 Battery Pack

- Oct 21, 2017-

Infusion Pump 14.4v 2600mah 18650 Battery Pack

battery brief review:

1. voltage:14.4v

2. capacity: 2600mah (or OEM)

3. size: 37*37*67mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium battery,li ion battery

more specific battery details as below:

  1. model: SNL-14.4V-2600mAh

  2. typical voltage: 14.4v

  3. voltage range: 12v-17v

  4. battery power: 37.44wh

  5. battery capacity: 2600mAh

  6. battery dimension: 37*37*67mm or oem

  7. max charging power/current: 1c

  8. max discharging power/current: 2c

  9. connector: JST, AWG 1007 #24, 100mm

  10. cyclelife: 500 times DOD 80% rest

  11. free maintenance: yes

  12. warranty: 1 year

  13. certification: MSDS, IEC62133, CE, RoHS

  14. executive standard: GB/T 18287-2000

  15. usage: Intelligent Infusion Pump etc.

if you need any further more info about 14.4v system battery, welcome to let us know your concerns.

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