interpretation of the price trend of lithium foil

- Dec 10, 2016-

Since 2014, with the focus of the national new energy industry support, the lithium industry has been the focus of the market.          

Experienced in the second half of 2015 after the lithium battery industry prices soared, in 2016 the price of raw materials prices tend to be stable. However, recently, lithium battery cathode material collector "electrolytic copper foil" price boom, the market has once again aroused concern.          

First, affected by the recent global commodity prices, the RMB exchange rate down effect, copper spot price of RMB, in just two weeks rose nearly 30%, lead to a sharp rise in the cost of raw materials of copper foil. Second, a large domestic copper foil manufacturer, for some reason, since September this year, began to cut, causing the copper market nearly 20% of the demand gap. Not only the lithium industry, CCL industry prices also affected, prices at the same time, the market is in short supply.          

Price problem, by rising costs and the impact of two aspects of the market out of stock, the original price of copper directly from the global futures market price decision, we can not avoid. However, we will not because the market is out of stock, and the malicious drive up prices, our products price floating amount, and the recent original copper prices go up the same proportion.          

The short term, the copper product prices are still rising in channel. The long term, after the copper supply and demand stabilized, lithium copper prices will be stabilized. At the same time, because of its production cost is higher than the lithium copper copper clad copper foil, the final price is certainly more than copper foil.

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