Is the quality of the product produced or checked out?

- Mar 19, 2017-

The product quality is produced, not by the test -- the quality management guru Dr. William Deming proposed "the quality of the products is produced, before the idea is not to examine it, quality management is only limited to the early quality inspection, only the implementation of post checks on the quality of the product.          

However, a lot of companies, but there are quality problems, the responsibility to the quality department to push, that this is the responsibility of the quality department, because many companies have such erroneous views:          

Allow a few bad, unexpected defects are inevitable          

Quality is the responsibility of the quality control department          

Only pay attention to the inspection of the products, the inspectors need to be responsible for the defective products          

Out of the question, they feel that the quality of the department.   


Why quality problems?          

Product development before the problem is not handled well, the production rate is too low, it is hoped that relying on the quality of the fire, want to rely on improving the frequency of detection, to reduce defective or substandard products;          

Join the return quantity of unqualified materials, but no, has been tested in advance, no fluctuation of product quality accurate cognition;          

Customers urged to the goods, the above pressure, the boss according to their so-called practical experience to speak, not for the standard range of products, the implementation of special release, resulting in product problems;          

Industry to improve product quality standards, the company is still in accordance with the original standard production          

In the process of production, the quality problem is not human, but not in the frequency range. this principle is also applicated in our batteries from production:3.7 v rechargeable lithium polymer battery,3.7 v lithium polymer battery,3.7 v battery pack,3.7 v lipo pil,3.7 v lipo akku,rc helicopter battery 3.7 v,3.7 v drone battery,3.7 v li po battery,3.7 v li po battery,3.7 v rechargeable lithium battery