KIA EV soul battery pack full solution

- Jan 11, 2017-

KIA (KIA) Soul EV is the South Korean KIA first pure electric compact SUV, first in South Korea in May 2014 sales, followed by July and October began in Europe and the United States to sell. 2014 sales at home and abroad amounted to 2235, in 2015 sales exceeded the 10 thousand mark, as of the end of the year, in 2016, when the global sales of more than 20000 vehicles in the year of December, the total sales of more than 10 thousand and 865. KIA Soul EV mileage of 105 miles (EPA).          

KIA SOUL EV battery pack is located at the bottom of the car body, rated voltage 360V, rated capacity of 75Ah, the total energy of 27kWh (the actual energy available in 21.3kWh or so), the actual capacity of 84.1Ah, the actual battery pack energy is 32.5kWh. The total voltage range 240V~413V, the voltage difference between the core is less than 40mV.          

The total weight of the battery pack is 203kg, a volume of about 217L, the energy density is 160 Wh/kg, the energy volume ratio of about 150Wh/L.          

Batteries: Soul EV by SK Innovation of South Korea pouch batteries, battery type is three yuan (NMC), the rated capacity of 38Ah, the measured capacity of 42Ah, rated voltage 3.7V, the voltage range of 2.5V~4.3V, the energy density is 200 Wh/kg.          

Group: the whole battery pack consists of 192 cores, 2 and 96 strings. The battery pack module is divided into two kinds, one is composed of 10 core, voltage, and the other is composed of 14 battery cell, which can also consist for lithium ion battery backup for solar,lithium ion battery 12v,lithium battery solar storage,lithium ion battery for solar power,lithium battery packs for solar panels,lithium ion batteries for off grid systems,lithium battery for solar panels,lithium ion batteries solar energy storage,lithium ion battery charging,lithium deep cycle battery