Knowledge of lithium battery

- Nov 05, 2016-

lithium battery          

In the strict sense, the lithium battery is divided into two kinds: lithium metal battery and lithium ion battery. This is defined according to the shape of the existence of lithium, lithium metal battery is made of metal lithium electrode, and lithium-ion battery is in the form of ions exist in the electrode.          

Lithium metal batteries through the metal lithium corrosion or oxidation to produce electrical energy, run out of waste, can not be charged, so also known as a battery. Lithium ion battery is the use of lithium ion concentration difference for energy storage and discharge, the battery does not exist in lithium metal, so also known as the two lithium battery. Currently used in mobile phones, cameras, electric tools, electric vehicles, energy storage, communication base stations and other rechargeable lithium batteries, are lithium ion batteries. In general, most commonly used lithium batteries are lithium ion batteries, and they are also used as lithium batteries.          

1, lithium battery classification          

Two kinds of classification methods used in the market: according to the pole piece material classification and according to the product appearance classification.          

A, according to the pole piece material classification          

Cathode materials of lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP), cobalt acid lithium battery (LCO), lithium battery (LMO), (two yuan battery: lithium nickel manganese oxide / nickel cobalt acid lithium, (three yuan): LiCoxNiyMnzO2 battery (NCM), acid lithium nickel cobalt aluminum battery (NCA))          

Anode material: lithium titanate battery (LTO), graphene cell, nano carbon fiber cell          

The concept of graphene on the market, mainly refers to the graphene based cell, that is, in the pole piece to add graphene slurry, or to join the graphite coating on the membrane. Nickel acid lithium, magnesium based battery market basically does not exist.      


B, according to product appearance classification          

Divided into: cylindrical, soft, square.          

Cylindrical and square outer packing are mostly steel shell or aluminum shell. Soft packaging for plastic film, in fact, is a kind of soft square, the market used to be referred to as soft plastic film packaging, can be called a pouch cell polymer battery.          

For cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, the model is generally 5 digits. The first two digits are the diameter of the battery, and the middle two digits are the height of the battery. Unit for mm. For example, 18650 lithium battery, its diameter is 18 mm, the height is 65 mm.          

C, according to the different electrolyte materials          

Lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion batteries (LIB) and polymer lithium ion batteries (PLB).          

Liquid electrolyte for liquid lithium ion batteries (mostly for power batteries). Polymer lithium ion battery is a solid polymer electrolyte instead, the polymer can be dry state, can also be colloidal, at present most of the use of polymer gel electrolyte. In the strict sense, the electrode and the electrolyte are all solid.          

D, according to the battery utility performance classification          

Power type battery and energy type battery. Energy type battery with high energy density as the characteristic, mainly used for high energy output; power type battery with high power density as the characteristic, mainly used for instantaneous high power output, the output of the battery. The power energy lithium battery is accompanied by the emergence of plug-in hybrid car. It requires a higher energy storage battery, can support a range of pure electric driving, but also have a better power characteristics, in low power to enter the hybrid model.          

Simple to understand, energy is similar to the marathon runners need plenty of stamina, requires high capacity, the large current discharge performance requirements is not high; then the power is sprinter, the fight is the explosive force, but also have the endurance capacity is too small, or ran not far.