LG chemical (15% global EV passenger car battery share)

- Dec 16, 2016-

LGC has grown into the world's top 20 leading car manufacturers (in the Chinese market is the top six). The latest orders from Tesla (as early Tesla products Roadster replacement battery), proved the quality of LGC battery products are superior. So far, their main customers are GM, Renault and Hyundai, and these brands in the field of EV relatively small market share, may explain why LGC market share is relatively small. However, once LGC began to supply Audi and NISSAN, as well as LGC officially put into production in China, will significantly enhance the market position of LGC. As more than 50 years of history of chemical enterprises, while having strong R & D technical strength, LGC in the prospect of power batteries is still worth looking forward to.


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