li polymer battery advantage

- Aug 22, 2016-

what's advantage of lithium polymer battery?


1. lipolymer battery no leakage problem, it do no contain liquid electrolyte, but consolidate gel;

2. lithium polymer battery can be made into film batteries, for example, 3.6v 400mah lipo battery, which could be made as thin as 0.5mm thick;

3. lipo batteries could be made into all kinds of shapes;

4. li-polymer battery also can be curved/bent: high molecule battery can be bent with a radium 900 or so;

5. li polymer battery can be also made into high voltage per single cell. liquid electrolyte batteries could only reach high voltage by series connection with more cells;

6. li po battery capacity could be doubled than the same size of li ion batteries.,113.9159113,16z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x340392f0f6365b7d:0xfb2f860e14c76e1a!2z5oGS6LaF5bel5Lia5Zut!8m2!3d22.675111!4d113.919973!3m4!1s0x340392f0f6365b7d:0xfb2f860e14c76e1a!8m2!3d22.675111!4d113.919973