LiFePO4 Battery&NCM Battery in E-Vehicle Application -- (more details explanation over raw material)

- Feb 11, 2018-

LiFePO4 Battery&NCM Battery in E-Vehicle Application -- more details explanation over raw material

Firstly, let's have a look at a graph as below:


this graph is the major type of lithium ion battery application in electric vehicals. comparison is make between 2018 and 2017.

In the first batch of new energy passenger vehicles in 2018, as much as 36 types vehicals, 25 types of which lithium batteries were three yuan (NCM batttery), accounting for 69%, and compared with 2017 ratio increased by  46%.

therefore, we can find that NCM is becoming the major type of lithium ion battery for e-vehicals. this is a big trend for e-vehical development as EV has much more concern about high efficiency and low energy loss. 

what's the advantage of NCM batteries?

  • 1. NCM battery is kind of lithium ion batteries, which development is late than lifepo4 batteries. but NCM has much better capacity ratio, long cycle life, low toxity and cheap in price. 

  • 2. NCM, which stands for nickel, cobalt & manganese.  this three type of elements makes a good compatible with each other. Nickel gives a high capacity. Cobalt gives pannel structure stable & even, makes electric performance balance, increase power. Managanese gives a high capacity ratio. all is important.

well, as the development of EV, NCM raw material is keep raising. let me show you a chart as below:


cobalt price increased from 30,000USD/TON to 80,000USD/TON. what a rocket high increasing speed.

with the heat of new energy vehicle application and promotion, while NCM as the major part and major cost part of EV, which raw material is keep raising. what will happen? NCM price will keep increasing, that is a trend.