Buy Lithium 18650 Li ion Battery 12V 20Ah Solar Street Light Use

- Jun 23, 2018-

Lithium 18650 Li ion Battery 12V 20Ah Solar Street Light Use

Solar Street Light Details:

LED working voltage: DC 12V (IF NEEDS AC charging, then ask our engineer for another plan)

Lithium 18650 Li ion Battery Details:

Battery nominal voltage: 11.1v

Battery nomrinal capacity: 20Ah

Battery power: 222Wh

Battery chemistry: NCM (OR, LIFEPO4)

What's the difference between NCM Lithium and LIFEPO4 Lithium?

the main difference is cyclelife time differs great. generally NCM cyclelife 300-500time, while LIFEPO4 lithium cyclelife aboves 2000times

Good Quality Control:

Battery working voltage: 9v-12.6v (OR, 10v-14.4v)

Protection IC: SEIKO

Protection circuit: YES

Shortcircuit protection: YES

Overcharge protection:  YES

Overdischarge protection: YES

Overcurrent protection: YES

accessory: 5.5*2.1mm DC jack+5.5*2.1mm DC plug

cable: AWG 18#, strip 5mm, silicon

Q1: How to get my own design lithium ion battery pack?

A1: Please contact our sales engineer. He will send you a Battery Request Format. After our engineers group audit & review, we will give a feasible battery solution thereto.


Q2: Are you Factory supplier?

A2: Yes, we have been making rechargeable lithium ion battery packs for more than 5 years since 2013.

Our batteries are well certificated with IEC62133, UN38.3, MSDS. Our workshop takes 1,000 square meter, 200workers and 6 R&D engineers.


Q3: Is your battery packs have protections?

A3: Yes, lithium ion battery packs, especially the large power li ion batteries, should be well protected in accuracy.

We designed the battery packs with accurate protections, like overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, over-power protection, protection recovery function, anti-electric-maganetic function etc.

And other protections and smart communications can be OEM.


Q4: Whats your factory advantages?

A4: we response & react much more faster. We can shorten battery production lead time. Under the same quality, we off 5% less than your best offer.


Q5: Which country did you sell your batteries to?

A5: Canada, USA, South Korea, Indonesia, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Belgium, Armenia etc.