Lithium 18650 Li ion Battery 12V 20Ah Solar Use

- Jun 23, 2018-

Where to Buy Lithium 18650 Li ion Battery 12V 20Ah for Solar Use?

Firstly, you should check the data and requirement of your solar converter or controler.  it's important to identify it's AC or DC Charging. AC charging will be much more complicated. transaction efficiency factor will be taken into consideration seriousely. 

Secondly, you should find a proper lithium ion battery for the system. after you checked all the paramter with SINOLI engineer, who will give you a format to fullfill all you request and requirement. a matchable working voltage range and current range is very important, otherwise, your system won't even work.

Thirdly, for a solar project, you'd better have design for the battery in details.

Q52: What else I should notice with the battery pack after combination?

A52: please make sure all battery module is in the same voltage level.


Q53: Can I have sample for a trial first?

A53: yes, you can have sample for testing or even research. But finally you re-construction battery pack will be not as good as us, i’m confidence to say.


Q54: Are you battery factory or trading company?

A54: we do trade before, but now we have our own workshop for battery production. we successfully get production license and have 2 production line to make lithium battery packs.