Lithium battery is the lifeblood of the development of electric vehicle industry

- Jan 18, 2017-

According to the China Automobile Industry Association statistics, in 2015 the new energy vehicle production exceeded 340 thousand, an increase of 3.3 times, is expected by the end of 2016 statistics up to 700 thousand. Domestic investment circle has triggered an "electric car rush ', there are cars, including LETV Wei to vehicles including more than and 200 companies on the market, the total investment amounted to more than $2 billion.          

Following GREE's acquisition of Zhuhai long silver market failure on the matter in an uproar, Dong Mingzhu has once again become a blockbuster, the focus of the market hot. In December 15th Chinese Manufacturing Forum, Dong Mingzhu announced in the name of investment bank of Zhuhai uplift, but also to Wanda, Jingdong, CIMC and Hebei huijin. What is the charm of silver long battery let Miss Dong again and three of the shares does not give up, is nothing more than a fancy silver long new energy battery in the hands of the asset, trying to take advantage of the hands of the people to open the new field of energy gate.          

At the end of November, a joint venture Tencent, BITAUTO founder Li Bin, founder of the family car, Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong Li Xiang and Hillhouse capital Wei car unveiled a new English brand "NIO" and the world's fastest EP9 electric car, let the whole world EV industry was shocked. It is reported that the first batch of cars only 6 cars, not foreign sales, ordinary consumers do not match. In order to ensure the supply of the battery, Tesla in the launch of the new electric car before its battery supply to pay $7 billion deposit. more good and excellent e-vehical batteries like: 36v 10ah lifepo4 battery,36v 10ah ebike battery,36v 10ah,36v 10ah lithium ion battery for e bicycle,36v 10ah mobile electric scooter lithium ion battery pack,36v 10ah lithium ion battery,36v 10ah batteri,36v 10ah battery,36 volt 10 amp lithium battery,36 volt 10ah lithium battery