Lithium battery manufacturing is the lack of a system of production management program

- Dec 10, 2016-

The lithium industry exists high quality requirements, types of equipment, materials management simple and broad prospects, production management, etc. the core process is complex. But the current domestic lithium industry production tool production lack of systematic, graphical; mainly by manual operation and the lack of all aspects of data acquisition and real-time transparent means; quality of the product, cannot trace all steps of material and production conditions, the lack of quality data collection and analysis system tools etc. in essence, is the lack of a scheme of production management system, which can be solved by using the MES system.          

In the production process of lithium battery by using the MES system, the enterprise can achieve the improvement of production efficiency, improve production quality, enhance the economic efficiency, information feedback and processing, the quality of the whole production process transparent, controllable, adverse rate, energy production advantages, to achieve flexible production, shorten the production cycle, cost reduction etc..          

Specifically, the use of MES system in the production process the leak fault measures, improve the working efficiency and quality; to achieve paperless production, saving production costs; to achieve full traceability throughout the production process, real-time monitoring of the production process; through the complete process of equipment management, improve the overall equipment operation efficiency.

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