Lithium battery new breakthrough improved the life of electric vehicles two times

- Jan 18, 2017-

Battery technology change rapidly, driving distance of EV are increasingly improved! South Korean scientists released the new electric vehicles, each charge can travel 300 kilometers, endurance is two times the general electric vehicle models, the storage capacity is 4 times as much.          

Business Korea 11 Gwangju Institute of Science and report, Technology GIST, announced on 10, GIST Department of materials science and engineering professor Eom Gwang-sup and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Electronics Research Laboratory postdoctoral researcher Lee Jung-tae work together to develop the new lithium battery, if compared with the products on the market, the new lithium battery storage capacity reached 4 times, the battery capacity is up to two times.          

The lithium battery is the traditional metal oxide with graphite and lithium (Lithium Metal Oxide) as anode and cathode, because these two kinds of material storage capacity is low, the current development of science and technology, storage capacity has been close to the limit, so the electric vehicle battery storage capacity, the increase of the space is not much.          

Therefore, the Korean research team decided to use a new material to make the battery anode and cathode, using silicon and sulfur. In particular, scientists added selenium to protect the silicon cathode, and then developed a lithium and silicon cathode, and in addition to sulfur, selenium anode.          

The latest lithium batteries can store about 500 mAh per gram of power, compared with commercially available batteries per gram could only store the 100-150 mAh power. This represents the electric car can run 300 kilometers per charge, is twice as long as the general electric car.          

Not only that, the new lithium battery charge and discharge after 1500 times, the battery capacity will only shrink by 19%. In other words, if the user charge once a day, can be used for 4 years, do not need to replace the battery; if the new lithium battery applied to the smart phone, then the weight of the phone can be reduced by half. long navigation models like: e bike 36 oder 48 volt,battery electric,lipo 36v 10ah,electric bike batteries explained,easy bike battery,e bike 24v oder 36v,bike bat,how to make electric bike battery,how long do electric bike batteries last,how to check bike battery