lithium battery raw material increased last week

- Nov 19, 2016-

First, the price trend of lithium carbonate       

According to business price monitoring: last week, the domestic lithium carbonate quotation slightly higher. Industrial grade lithium carbonate price 118800 yuan / ton, up 1.28%; battery grade lithium carbonate price 128000 yuan / ton, up 2.40%; industrial grade lithium hydroxide price 155500 yuan / ton, rose 0.32%.          

Two, market analysis          

Last week, the domestic lithium carbonate market stable operation. At the beginning of the week rose slightly after the lithium carbonate price remained stable, the market supply is tight, battery grade and industrial grade have a certain spot, parts manufacturers orders have been signed to the end of the year, and at the end of the year before the release of capacity planning. The current battery grade lithium carbonate manufacturers of new single transaction volume is limited, the execution of the current orders, industry rose nella atmosphere, there are also many traders hoard goods signs.          

As of now, the mainstream of industrial grade lithium carbonate business negotiations in 115000-120000 yuan / ton, the market turnover is low, the east area of battery grade lithium carbonate mainstream price stabilized at 127000-130000 yuan / ton, the price of low-end 122000-125000 yuan / ton, the market turnover is low.

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