How to Find Good Quality Lithium ion Battery 12v for Solar Street Light

- Jun 23, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery 12v for Solar Street Light


solar street light is much more popular in outdoors application to storage power from sunshine, and then change the power into electrcial force to give light and power in light or rainny days, especially in remoted and outdoors street light place.


we can make very good use of sunshine actually. sunshine is free and green. but it's only daytime has the chance to meet the sun. in the light, we can not have any sunshine, but what if we need the light and power of sunshine in the light?

so we need to stroaga the power from sun. nowadays, people develop a much more mature tech to take very good use of sunshine heat. we have solved the problem from how to change the heat to electric current, and how to storage the current, and then how to shift the storage current to power to serve our daily lives.

SINOLI is such a service provider to give proper solution to solve the problem between. from solar pannel to converter, and then to batteries. here we make a small discussion abot how to find proper lithium ion batteries to storage the power from sun. if you have more question, you can also ask SINOLI,

Question: how to find a proper lithium ion battery for your solar street light?

Answer: firstly, you should have a proper solar pannel and solar controller, offer the details to SINOLI engieer, he will give a proper datasheet for your reference accordingly.