lithium ion battery 48v 20ah made by lifepo4 with good price

- Apr 13, 2017-

BMS HEV, take a small battery pack rated (20kwh), a large battery pack (60kwh) and PHEV battery pack (8-10kwh) and HEV package for an example, electrical system, battery management system (BMS) which is the cost of a set of a package, so which price is diluted with the increasing of capacity.

from the view of HEV BMS, you can find the main cost of a battery, is not the BMS, but it's the battery cell, so to find cheap price battery cell with good quality at SNL, more options for you like: 48v 10ah lithium battery,batterie lifepo4 48v 20ah,bottle battery 48v,lithium ion 48v battery pack,lithium 48v,lifepo4 accu 48v,lithium ion battery 48v 20ah,48v 20ah lithium ion battery pack,48v 배터리,lithium ion battery pack 48v,batteri 48v,batterie 48v 20ah lifepo4