- Sep 16, 2018-


Q97: What are the advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries?

The main application direction of lithium iron phosphate battery is power battery. Its advantages are mainly shown in the following aspects:

01) long life;

02) safe operation;

03) quick charging and discharging of large current;

04) High temperature resistance;

05) large capacity;

06) no memory effect;

07) small size and light weight;

08) green.

Q98: What are the advantages of lithium polymer batteries?

01) there is no battery leakage problem. There is no liquid electrolyte in the battery, and colloidal solids are used.

02) thin battery can be made: with a capacity of 3.6v, 400mAh, the thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm;

03) the battery can be designed into various shapes;

4) bending and deformation of the battery: the maximum flexibility of the polymer battery is about 900;

05) can be made into a single high voltage: the battery of liquid electrolyte can only get high voltage by connecting several batteries in series.

06) since there is no liquid in itself, it can be made into a multi-layer combination in a single chip to achieve high voltage;

The capacity will be twice that of a lithium-ion battery of the same size.

Q99: What is the principle of a charger? What are the main categories?

The charger is a kind of static converter device which changes the voltage and frequency constant alternating current into direct current. The charger has a lot of, such as lead-acid battery charger, valve-control sealed lead-acid battery testing and monitoring, nickel cadmium battery chargers, nickel metal hydride battery chargers, lithium ion battery charger, portable electronic devices, lithium-ion battery charger, lithium ion battery protection circuit multi-function chargers, electric vehicle battery charger and so on.