Lithium ion Battery Market Promising

- Aug 26, 2018-

since 2008 world biggest Economic and Finance Risk, market seems recession a lot than before. production line is much advanced than before, that results in supply is more than needs. is there any chance to get through the winter season? from my point of view, lithium ion battery is a pretty good market, early layout is very important for to take the cake in future market.

the latest stastic shows that, Baic new energy, which sold 4,128 EC series in 2016, made a net profit of 108 million yuan that year. In 2017, EC series 78079 were sold. The company's net profit for that year was unknown, but the net profit for the period from January to October was only 0.39 billion.

from raw material market, another data is from USGS, which shows that global lithium production will triple over the next four years to 86, 000 tons.