Lithium ion Battery Modular Management System

- Oct 20, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery Modular Management System -- Modular design is the premise of battery scale effect

Modularization is to customize the combination of the same basic structure, making the design and production of vehicles as simple and fast as building blocks. The application of this concept will greatly save R & D cost, verification cycle and production cost. Modular design has been very mature in the field of traditional vehicles, with the gradual expansion of new energy vehicle production and marketing, this model will also be implanted. Volkswagen, for example, announced that all its new energy vehicles would use a single battery cell, a plan that would save 66% of the cost.

In the future, the supply of battery enterprises will be modular units. At present, one of the major problems in the power battery industry is that it has not been modularized, many standards including size have not yet been unified, and the mainstream of cylindrical, square and soft package routes has not really appeared and the standards in each system are uneven. In the future, as industry concentration increases, batteries will be standardized by mainstream enterprises. Through series, parallel or series-parallel mixing of battery monomers, the uniform size of battery modules can be ensured, and the mechanical, thermal and safety characteristics of the battery itself can be considered comprehensively. Under the same installation design, according to different mileage and power requirements, provide different battery capacity to meet different needs. This modular application can realize large-scale automated production in both monomer and module end, and greatly reduce production costs.