Lithium ion Battery Related Standard and Regulation in China

- Sep 16, 2018-

Today let's have a look at Chinese Lithium ion battery related standard and regulation development history.

In recent years, the development of rechargeable treasure and mobile power supply is rapid, and the market is booming. Due to the low entry threshold of mobile power supply and the lack of mandatory implementation standards in the industry, the product quality is uneven, and the safety accidents of spontaneous combustion and explosion of mobile power supply are frequent. China's first mandatory standard for lithium ion batteries -- safety requirements for lithium ion batteries and batteries for portable electronic products -- was officially implemented on August 1, 2015. This standard is conducive to the healthy development of lithium battery industry.

In order to strengthen the management of the lithium ion battery industry, improve the development level of the industry, guide the industrial transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the lithium ion battery industry, the ministry of industry and information technology released the standard conditions for the lithium ion battery industry on August 31, 2015. The document regulates industrial layout and project establishment, production scale and technology, product quality and performance, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection, safety management, health and social responsibility, supervision and management, etc.

Released in November 2016, the state ministry of the lithium ion battery comprehensive standardization technology system, set a goal in the future, by 2020, lithium ion battery standard technology reached the international level, preliminary form a scientific and reasonable, advanced technology, coordination of form a complete set of comprehensive standardization technology system for lithium ion batteries, and revising standard 80 items, including 70 new items (compulsory standards and voluntary standards 3, 67), changes to the voluntary standards 10, meet the demand of lithium ion battery industry development as a whole. The document plays an important role in promoting the healthy and orderly development of the lithium ion battery industry and further improving the standards to guide, regulate and guide the development of the industry.


in such a short years, China has accomplished lithium ion battery standard and regulation composition and realse. it shows great determination of Chinese lithium ion battery industry development in wilde.