Lithium ion battery replacement potassium ion battery birth

- Jan 07, 2017-

With the development of information technology and automation, the electrochemical energy storage devices play an important role. The beginning of 1990s, with commercial applications, the lithium ion battery since twenty-first Century, lithium ion battery has become part of our life, the lithium ion battery for portable equipment, electric vehicle has spread in every corner of life. However, the cheaper it is to sell more goods than any other commercial product, the scarcity of lithium makes the cost of lithium-ion batteries rising in the future. It is an urgent problem to find an alternative low-cost electrochemical energy storage devices. The electrochemical properties of potassium and sodium and lithium are similar, and the earth is abundant, the future is expected to replace the lithium ion battery choice.          

Study of sodium ion battery has achieved great development in recent years, however, the standard electrode potential (-2.71 V, vs SHE.) and large ionic radius limit, the energy density and power density of sodium ion battery and lithium ion battery still has a large gap. The standard electrode potential of potassium (-2.93 V, vs SHE.) to (-3.04 V, vs SHE. Li), due to the ionic radius of potassium ions and sodium ions than lithium ion, although the energy density of lithium ion is lacking, but the current research of carbon materials potassium ion anode showed that the power density of potassium ion battery the ratio of sodium is higher and more close to the lithium ion battery, the rate performance is also better.

Recently, the combination research at University Laura industry in Germany research group of Professor Lei Yong and the Shanghai Univer, prepared a low-cost dye nanoparticles: Prussian blue, and the cathode material for potassium ions in organic electrolyte, electrochemical properties showing in detail. At the same time, it can be used as the cathode material of potassium ion for the first time to match the high performance potassium ion battery. The test results show that the presented high discharge platform of Prussian blue as a positive electrode for potassium ion (3.1 - 3.4 V), stable reversible capacity, the charge discharge rate of 50 mA/g, there are still 73.8 mAh/g cycle ratio and degradation capacity, slow rate of only 0.09% per-cycle.

new material replaced lithium ion batteries get a great progress in research, but realized in production still have long way to go. Lithium ion batteries are getting wild apply in new energy car field, it takes tens of years. Time approved it's safe in real application and productioin. to find safe and good quality lithium batteries, SNL would like to offer 48v 20ah lithium battery,lifepo4 48v 20ah,48v lithium battery for electric bike,48v 20ah lifepo4 battery,48v lithium ion battery 100ah,48v lifepo4 battery pack,48v battery ebike,48v lipo battery,48v lifepo4 and so on.

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