Lithium ion Battery Safety Verification Summary

- Sep 28, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery Safety Verification Summary

Ouyang Minggao has also proposed measures to improve the safety of existing power batteries, such as high-nickel ternary lithium-ion battery positive oxygen release, through the interface modification to delay the positive oxygen release, improve electrode thermal stability; for the burning of electrolyte, the use of solid-state electrolyte instead of organic electrolyte, so as to completely solve the problem. The intrinsic safety problem of electrolyte combustion.

In order to reduce the risk of battery short-circuit, the company has independently developed a sandwich battery pack, which optimizes the internal structure and improves the battery safety index. Escape time.

Toyota has made a conclusion that battery accidents are no more than overcharge, external short circuit, collision, internal short circuit and so on, and has taken measures to deal with these situations, in order to cope with overcharge, in the system level, the use of dual detection system, the battery, module voltage detection; in response to external short circuit, can be in the system level, turn off. System, main circuit fuse; in the battery level, reached a certain temperature, can automatically cut off the current, through materials, structures, electrodes to achieve; collision protection, through the body, battery pack structural strength to achieve; to deal with short circuit in the battery, the system level is no response plan, the battery level, through the Anti short circuit measures for materials and diaphragms.

summary: battery safety consideration should be paid attention from battery cell design, anode and cathode material system optiumlization to overall pack safety protections.