Lithium ion Battery Scale Production

- Oct 20, 2018-

Lithium ion Battery Scale Production and Yield Enhancement

By comparison and analysis, the price of batteries is almost linear with the yield. With the increase of yield, the price of batteries drops linearly. At present, the yield of high-end production capacity with better automation is 90% and the yield of labor-intensive low-end production capacity is 80%. With the gradual elimination of low-end excess capacity and the further improvement of high-end production capacity yield, the future cost will have a small drop in space, about 1% of the corresponding yield increase, 1% of the same cost decrease, and increase. To 95% corresponds to 5% cost reduction space.

The relationship between the price of batteries and Ut can be divided into several stages. When Ut is less than 20%, the price of batteries drops rapidly as Ut increases, and then slows down relatively. Ut's corresponding price at 50% is $350 / KWH and 90% is $330 / KWH. Considering that Ut has reached a relative high point in 15/16, the future space is limited.