lithium ion battery SOH state detection method

- Oct 18, 2016-

Life is the key factor affecting the cost of lithium-ion battery, so the major manufacturers have adopted various means to improve their service life. Lithium ion battery life is closely related to a number of factors, in which the battery management strategy has a significant impact on the service life of the lithium-ion battery pack.           In order to better manage the entire battery control circuit (BMS) of single battery in the battery state of Health (SOH) for real-time monitoring, to supply the battery charging and adjustment, so as to enhance the life and performance of battery.          

SOH is a collection of traditional monitoring methods of battery capacity decline and the decline of power data, this method is simple and rough, unable to distinguish the degradation mechanism of degradation caused by the different, therefore can not accurately judge the battery status of the SOH, so the control strategy is a very inefficient.

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