Lithium Pack automatic production line will increase production capacity

- Jan 08, 2017-

Battery downstream demand driven, 2016 lithium production equipment market will reach 11 billion 690 million yuan, an increase of 40%. Domestic enterprises mainly use off-line detection mode, the detection equipment and battery production process is separated from each other, so that the battery can not achieve the full inspection, but also pulled down the entire cycle of battery production.          

In the background of industrial 4.0, machine vision, robot applications, automation standards will be gradually applied to the new energy battery production assembly line, power battery equipment production line, processing batteries 200 thousand, electric core sorting, pole piece detection, mounted on the frame under the other aspects of the whole operation, and the accuracy rate reached 100%, in order to adapt the development demand of modern society.          

The back-end testing equipment is non-standard customized equipment, there is no mandatory national and industry standards, to judge the equipment safety and stability, this is the biggest problem of back-end testing equipment, the fundamental problem is the equipment. in near future, all these batteries: 48 volt lithium battery for sale,48v sla battery,48v 10ah lifepo4 battery,48v 15ah battery,lithium ion 48v battery pack,48v 40ah lifepo4 battery,48 volt lithium ion battery pack,lithium ion battery pack 48v,48v 40ah lithium battery,48v 100ah battery production ability will be increased and production lead time will be shorten greatly.