Matters needing attention in use

- Jun 21, 2016-

1. storage requirements: at a temperature of 25 ± 5 ℃, humidity does not exceed 50% of the environment, transport to be avoided when air and water vapor on the erosion of aluminum foil;

2. the products are divided into a and b, and their key characteristics are: a appearance of black, conventional coating thickness is double sided 4~8 μ m, electrical conductivity than the more prominent b appearance is pale grey, conventional coating thickness is double sided 2~3 μ m, welding of coated area can do less, and can jump gap coating machine recognition;Paragraph 

3.B (gray) to ultrasonic welding of carbon foil can do directly in the coating area, suitable only for winding battery solder lug (up to 2-3), but the power, the time some fine-tuning needs to be done;

4. carbon layer heat sink less than aluminum foil, coated baking temperature and speed when appropriate trimming;

5. this product is for lithium batteries and capacitors a considerable increase of the performance, but not as major factors in changing batteries the performance aspects, such as battery voltage, high energy density, high and low temperature performance, and so on.