NB 18650 battery increasing

- Sep 29, 2016-

Supply chain vendors said, NB mainly adopts 18650 cylinder type lithium battery, due to the expansion of the past too fast, but with Tesla to pile up in excess of requirement, the electric car electric cars need to rise, due to a large number of cylindrical battery, the battery supply is tight.          

Thanks to the notebook computer NB customer needs strengthening, the traditional 18650 cylinder type battery demand is tight, the recent battery module factory has to NB brand prices or customer requirements, from supply chain manufacturers will reach 10%, pointed out that this wave of stock was mainly due to the traditional NB battery lithium battery electric cars no longer expansion, customer demand and short-term. In the NB cell to flip out of stock of fear is not easy, will become good times in recent 10 years, the battery industry is rare, NB battery supplier performance is expected to increase.          

Due to the rapid development of the global electric vehicle market, for the 18650 cylindrical cells are in great demand, and then squeeze the NB battery supply, coupled with the recent market demand for NB better than expected, resulting in NB battery shortage, due to the expansion of key battery factory still demand for electric vehicles, the NB battery is not out of fear of short-term phenomenon, battery manufacturers have to raise the price of up to 10% customer response.

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