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- Jan 31, 2017-

An international team recently in the UK academic journal "nature communications" reported that they found a new way to "wake up" superconducting graphene, if the technology is mature, will greatly expand the scope of application of this material.          

Graphene is a kind of two-dimensional material, which is separated from graphite material and consists of only one layer of carbon atoms. It has thin, toughness, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity properties, is the industry hopes for a new generation of materials. Scientists have long believed that the material is superconducting, but has not found a way to prove it.          

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and other institutions will graphene and called praseodymium cerium copper oxide superconducting materials "collocation experiment started, the success of" wake up "graphene" sleeping "superconductivity. Experiments show that the superconducting graphene is not present from the outside, "praseodymium cerium copper oxide" role is only as an auxiliary material to stimulate superconducting graphene intrinsic.          

Superconductivity refers to the fact that some materials in the specific conditions of the complete disappearance of resistance, when the current in the material flow will not be lost, there will be no loss of energy and heat. The phenomenon of superconductivity has a wide application prospect in the field of electronic industry, but there are still many problems to be overcome.          

Graphene as a superconductor will open up a lot of imagination. According to the researchers, the wake of graphene can be used for the manufacture of supercomputers and other aspects. new super conducting graphene batteries can be also used in these battery models, like: 36v lifepo4 battery pack,36v battery black and decker,36v lithium battery black and decker,36v rechargeable battery,36v akku e bike,36volt battery,37 volt lithium battery,36v batterie,36v lithium battery pack,electric bike battery pack 36v