New battery not charging

- Jun 21, 2016-

Currently on the market use of secondary batteries include nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) and lithium-ion (Li-ion) of two types. Lithium-ion batteries already in volume production of liquid lithium-ion batteries (LiB) and lithium-ion polymer battery (LiP) in two ways. In many cases, marked on the battery of Li-ion, lithium-ion batteries must be. But not necessarily a liquid lithium-ion battery, can also be lithium-ion polymer battery. Is should be noticed in using lithium-ion batteries, batteries for a period of time after entering hibernation, at lower than normal volume, time is also shortened. But lithium-ion batteries are easy to activate, as long as the normal charge/discharge cycle after 3-5 to activate the battery, return to normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, decided it was almost no memory effect. New lithium-ion battery in the handset during the activation process, and does not require special methods and equipment. Not only theory is that, from my own practice, from the outset, using standard methods of charging this "natural activation" is the best.