New demand for power batteries to boost the cobalt industry chain faces revaluation

- Mar 19, 2017-

About 50% of the world's Cobalt consumption in the battery field, which accounted for the largest proportion of lithium cobalt, accounting for the proportion of the annual increase of three yuan battery. The trend of the development of new energy vehicles in the world can not be reversed, the proportion of three yuan to improve the proportion of battery applications, the future of power batteries will become a major increase in the demand for cobalt. At the same time, the demand for cobalt in the field of industry, 3C and energy storage will grow steadily. We expect 2017 -2020 global cobalt demand will grow by an average annual growth rate of 10%, in 2017, in 2018 the demand will reach 115 thousand and 400 tons, respectively, 127 thousand and 600 tons.          

From the long cycle, the cobalt price has experienced two cycles of 2003 and 2007, and then has been in a low shock. At the beginning of 2004, cobalt prices in early 51 and early 2008 reached $28 / lb and a high of $. In the down cycle, the price in 2005 and two respectively in the end of the year, cobalt prices fell to 11.6 U.S. dollars / pound and $/ pound low point, respectively, the price of $11. After experiencing a slump in 2008 -2009 years, in the past 8 years, the price of cobalt has remained at $9 / pound to $24 / pound range of low volatility.          

Cobalt prices in the second half of 2016 ushered in a rapid rise again. From July 2016 to March 3, 2017, cobalt prices rose more than 125%. March 3, 2017, the average price of cobalt has reached $25.13 / pound, relative to the average price in 2016 ($12 / pound) rose nearly 110%. lithium battery 3.7 v,3.7 v lipo,100mah 3.7 v lipo battery,3.7 v 100mah lipo battery,3.7 v 150mah lipo battery,3.7 v 150mah battery,150mah 1s 3.7 v 25c lipo battery,1s 3.7 v 150mah li po battery,lipo 3.7 v 150mah battery,lipo battery 3.7 v 150mah