New Energy 36ah 65Ah Car Battery Design

- Feb 11, 2019-

New Energy 36ah 65Ah Car Battery Design

Structural design

Structural reliability: anti-vibration and anti-fatigue; process controllability: no over-welding, virtual welding, to ensure 100% non-damage of the core; low cost: low cost: PACK production line automation cost, including production equipment, production loss; easy to split: battery packs easy to maintain, maintain, low cost, to achieve the necessary heat transfer isolation, to avoid the rapid spread of thermal runaway.

thermal design

The physical structure of the soft-wrapped core determines that it is not easy to explode. Generally, only the shell can withstand enough high pressure, it is possible to explode. When the inner pressure of the soft-wrapped core is large, it will start to relieve pressure and leak liquid from the edge of the aluminum-plastic film. At the same time, the soft-wrapped cores are also several kinds of cores, which have the best heat dissipation.

electrical design

Electrical design, including low-voltage and high-voltage two parts.

1) Low-voltage design, generally need to consider several aspects of the function. Through signal acquisition wiring harness, the battery voltage and temperature information is collected to the module slave control board or the so-called module controller installed on the module; the module controller generally designs the equalization function (active equalization or passive equalization or both); a small number of relay on-off control functions can be designed on the slave control board, or on the module controller through CAN communication; Connect the module controller and the main control board to transmit the module information.

2) High voltage design, mainly between the core and the core in series and parallel, as well as outside the module, designs the mode of conduction between the module and the module. Generally, only considering the mode of series connection between the modules. These high-voltage connections need to meet two requirements: first, the distribution of conductive components and contact resistance between the cores should be uniform, otherwise the single voltage detection will be disturbed; second, the resistance should be small enough to avoid the waste of electric energy in the transmission path.

Safety design

Safety design can be divided into three retrogressive requirements: good design to ensure that no accidents occur; if not, accidents occur, it is best to give early warning, reflecting time; failure has occurred, then the design goal will become to prevent the rapid spread of accidents.

Lightweight design

Lightweight design, the main purpose is to pursue the mileage, eliminate all redundant burdens, light loading into battle. And if lightweight can be combined with cost reduction, it will be a great joy. There are many ways to lighten, such as increasing the energy density of the core; pursuing the lightness of the structural parts (such as choosing thinner materials and digging larger holes in the plate) while ensuring the strength in detail design; replacing sheet metal parts with aluminium materials; building shells with new materials with lower density, etc.

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