NEW techonology of lithium battery TOYOTA

- Nov 04, 2016-

TOYOTA announced the day before the development of the resin, even at high temperatures for a long time, durability is not easy to reduce the resin. Will be used for EV (electric vehicles), PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicles) and FCV (fuel cell vehicles), such as the battery unit of the sealing material. It is beneficial to reduce the sealing material and prolong the life of the sealing material. Products will be launched in 2020, the car manufacturers for sales.          

If the sealing material at high temperature for a long time to heat, its flexibility will be reduced, sealing performance will drop. TOYOTA adjusted the mixture design of resin, changed the "plasticizer" and "anti ageing agent" about 10 kinds of reagent mixing ratio. Made can be extended to the original size of more than 4 times, but easy to return to the original size of about 2 times the size of the product.          

In order to confirm the performance of the developed resin sealing material, TOYOTA has made a "25% compression permanent deformation test" (Fig. 1). Is to use the technology made by the test body compressed to the original size of 3/4. After heating at 150 C for 72 hours, see how much it can be recovered. Compression permanent deformation is smaller, it is easier to restore the original state, the better the durability. Test results show that, compared with the original mixed proportion of the sealing material, the new product is easy to restore to the original shape of about 2 times.          

TOYOTA synthetic engine gasket and other sealing materials have been used by many automobile manufacturers such as TOYOTA. However, TOYOTA has not been involved in the synthesis of the battery seal materials, has been lagging behind other competitors. The company hopes to achieve the technology products, to set foot in the battery with the sealing material.

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