Novel separator for lithium ion battery

- Jan 02, 2017-

In order to meet the requirements of lithium-ion battery separator on the performance and safety of the people, the development of a variety of composite membrane, such as PP-PE-PP three layer composite diaphragm, the battery temperature is higher than 130 DEG C, PE layer middle layer will melt, and both sides of the PP diaphragm high melting point, played a supporting role, melted PE jam PP on the membrane pore, thereby blocking discharge effect. A ceramic coating diaphragm, diaphragm in the general matrix coated on Al2O3 inorganic oxide at high temperature to support action on the diaphragm, reduce the shrinkage of the diaphragm, so as to improve the safety of lithium ion battery.          

Recently, Xiaowei et al., Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studied the mechanical properties of the membranes with different processes and structures. These include the PE diaphragm diaphragm dry process preparation and three layer composite diaphragm, diaphragm ceramic coating prepared by wet process, and diaphragm non-woven fabric preparation, which basically covers the diaphragm type at present common market. The main test of the diaphragm in several longitudinal and transverse (MD) (TD) (DD) and diagonal tensile strength, thickness and axial compression test puncture experiments, these experiments reveal the failure of mechanical parameters of the diaphragm. Xiaowei Zhang et al. Established a finite element model of the PE diaphragm based on the above results, which accurately predicted the feedback of the PE diaphragm in the PE membrane in the uniaxial tension test and the thickness compression test.          

Found the puncture strength experiment, PE diaphragm dry process and three layer composite diaphragm in crack along the longitudinal direction on a longer, and for the wet process and nonwoven process diaphragm, most only in the partial failure, and have a rounded break.

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