Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

- Nov 28, 2016-

Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

  • Type:Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • Connection Mode:Series and Parallel

  • Rechargeable:Chargeable

  • Discharge Rate:High Discharge Rate

  • Size:134mm*92mm*101mm

  • Accessories Type:Battery

  • Rated Capacity:22000mAh

  • Standard Voltage:22.2V

  • Usage:Uav/Drone/RC Model

  • Electrolyte:Polymer

  • Color: White and Black

  • Gyroscope: Six Axis

  • Origin: Shenzhen, China

    • Function: R/C

  • Capacity:12000mAh

  • Voltage:22.2V

  • Weight:2510g

  • Application:Uav/Drone/RC Model

  • Package:Customized Export Package

  • Specification:22000mah 22.2V excellent flexible battery

  • Origin:Guangdong, China

Product Description

Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

Features of LiFePO4 battery:
1.High energy density
2.About 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries
3.Have no environment pollution
4.No memory effect, 1500 times cycle-life
5.Safe and reliable, non-explosive under piercing, non-incinerated under over voltage,
6.Low self discharge
7.Prefect for energy storage and power tool use
8.long cycle-life,high capacity 
9.We are LiFePO4 battery manufacturer with CE,SGS certification,accept OEM services
Our service
What can we offer you?                                                                                    
Ø Customer design manufacturing of polymer lithium ion cell&battery pack
Ø In-house Engineering&Dsign&Testing
Ø One stop service from design concept through mass production

Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

Our capabilities include:                                                                                   
Ø R&D team with extensive experience in chemical,mechanical, and electronic engineering,etc.
Ø State-of-the-art cell production technique
Ø Cell selection suggestions and qualification testing
Ø Flexible pack solutions and options
Ø Battery pack design consulting and in-house testing
Ø Electrical and Software/Hardware design including-safety circuit board design, fuel gauges,SMBus,cell balancing.
Ø Focus on optimized overall systems design,to deliver maximum performance in your applications

Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

 Excellent Quality&Safety guarantee are backed up by:                                          
Ø Strong R&D capacity
Ø Advanced production equipment
Ø Sophisticated quality management system
Ø Lean production process control
Ø Acquired UL,CE,CB,UN38.3,RoHS,SGS certifications
Ø Strictly conform to ISO14001 and ISO9001 systems
Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

1. Are you a battery manufacturer ?
 A: Yes, we are the professional lithium battery manufacturer in Guangdong,China. 
2. When did your company establish ?
 A: Herewin was built in 2004, it's been over 10 years history and experience.
3.  How many staff in your company ?
 A: Near 1,000 people.
4.  What products do you make ?
 A: We produce high-C rate lifePO4 lithium rechargeable battery for RC model,power battery for electric bike&motorcycle and energy storage battery.
5.Can the battery be customized?
 A: Sure and you are supposed to tell us the size, voltage, capacity, application and the quantity.
  Online Wholesale 22000mAh 22.2V Flexible Battery Safe

Contact: Doris

Tel: +86 186 6567 6364

Email: info(at)

Skype: dorisluo2012

Whatapp: +8618665676364

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