Panasonic latest new ultra-thin flexible battery CG-064065

- Jan 07, 2017-

The shape of most wireless devices depends on the shape of the battery. Because the battery as a heavy but very important components in the assembly can not be adjusted or directly to give up. So when designing a new device, the product developer is always limited by the size, shape and flexibility of the battery.          

But this year at the CES conference in Las Vegas, Panasonic demonstrated a new type of lithium battery, may be able to change all this. It uses ArgentCrystal round thin, can bend or twist after 1000 times the storage capacity remains 80%. Panasonic shows three versions of the new batteries at the CES conference, each a little smaller than a credit card, and can be folded into a can.          

The project started in 2008. But Matsushita was in September this year before the external release tone. YorikoYagi, assistant director of the energy department of Panasonic wearable, announced that the battery is now ready for mass production, and she is expected to be in mass production between April 2018 and March 2019.          

Panasonic flexible battery, the thickness of only 0.45 mm, the battery capacity is relatively small. Its largest version - CG-064065 maximum battery capacity of 60mAh, the smallest version is only 17.5mAh. In contrast, the maximum smartphone battery peak capacitance is about 3500mAh          

This means that the best application scenario of this new type of battery is wearable card devices and networking applications. Panasonic from October this year to provide some samples for potential users, but the company has not yet priced on this battery. Thanks for old customer and new customer's support. to make it much better, we are having new models for v bike, including 48v 30ah lifepo4 battery pack,48 volt lithium battery pack,48 volt bike battery,48v 20ah lifepo4 battery pack,e bike 48v battery,lithium battery 48v 20ah,48v 1000w electric bicycle battery,48v 20ah battery pack,48 volt 20ah battery,lifepo4 battery 48v 20ah and so on. as v bike has many differents kinds of models, please kindly check the details with our service man, he will help you to find out the correct battery for your vehicle. thank you

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