Panasonic NCR 18650PF 2900mAh li ion battery

- May 06, 2018-

Panasonic NCR 18650PF 2900mAh li ion battery

battery specification:

1.    Rated Capacity                         2700mAh  0.54A discharge at 20℃
2.    Capacity                              Minimum 2750mAh 0.54A discharge at 25℃

Typical 2900mAh 0.54A discharge at 25℃
3.    Nominal Voltage                        3.6v   0.54A discharge at 25℃
4.    Discharge End Voltage                        2.5v
5.    Charging Current (Std.)                        1.35A
6.    Charging Voltage                               4.2 ± 0.03v
7.    Charging Time(Std.)                            4hours
8.    Continuouse Discharging Current (max)       10A 0-40℃
9.    Internal Resistance                        less than 35mR    AC Impedance 1kHz
10.   Weight                                     less than 47g
11.   Operating Temperature                      Charge 10-45 with 1.35A

 Discharge -20~60℃

Last year, a global release of the timetable for the sale of fuel vehicles made people realize that the times of new energy vehicles were coming, and why were pure electric cars, plug - in mixing, fuel cell cars and so on. Why was it the theme of the future in just a few years? On the one hand, the support of global strategy, policy and other aspects, on the other hand, the continuous improvement of power battery technology, longer endurance, shorter charging time, directly related to the user's commuter demand, let the new energy vehicles come to us, and will replace the traditional fuel vehicles in the future, which is closely related to the daily travel of everyone. . So people have said: "the development of new energy vehicles is the development of battery technology."