Phillips 66 organic solar cell efficiency brush record

- Jan 16, 2017-

December 6, 2016, Phillips 66 (USA, Texas, Houston) announced that its single junction polymer organic photovoltaic cell power conversion efficiency of up to 11.84%, a world record.          

The results of this study were certified by Newport, an independent certification center for standard solar cell test conditions.          

Solar cells based on the most advanced polymer and interface layer developed by Phillips 66.          

The enabling technology can be used for the production of low volume volume printing processes. Unlike other types of thin-film technologies, organic solar cells do not contain harmful elements, such as lead or cadmium.          

Phillips 66 Technology Vice President Merl Lindstrom said that this breakthrough in efficiency increases the possibility of commercialization of solar technology. solar batteries like: solar panel backup battery system,solar battery power system,solar panel batteries for sale,solar power system battery storage,solar power batteries for sale,solar battery house,solar battery store,solar house battery bank,solar power system battery bank,storage batteries for homes